West Harlem CSA

The West Harlem CSA helps provide local, organic produce to New York City regardless of its residents' incomes.



The West Harlem Community Supported Agriculture, which is a mixed income CSA, provides an affordable alternative to standard grocery shopping. We work to provide healthier food choices for West Harlem residents, where options are limited and many budgets are constrained.

Our farm partner is Windflower Farm, a small organic farm in Valley Falls, NY, located in the Taconic hills between Saratoga Springs and the Vermont border. They are members of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and Certified Naturally Grown (CNG).


We are completely volunteer-run and member-supported. We are able to provide produce to members regardless of their financial situation because of the generous support of our membership and our farmer, Ted Blomgren’s commitment to food justice. In a city where the cost of living is ever on the rise, we strive to ensure that food be guaranteed as a basic human right.

01. Health and freshness

The vegetable shares are organically grown at Windflower Farm in Valley Falls, NY and are almost always picked the same day that they are delivered to you. Shares vary depending on what is ripe that week so you are sure to receive the freshest vegetables available.


05. community

In addition to fostering a healthy food community, CSAs provide an opportunity for neighbors to get to know each other better through events and activities.  CSAs also propel other community projects and improvements!

02. affordability

The cost of becoming a member is much less than what you would spend at the grocery store. Meal for meal, CSA membership is less than 10% the cost of fast food! We utilize a sliding scale, based on your income, to determine the exact cost of membership. We also accept food stamps.

03. support for local farmers

Supporting local farms benefits the entire region by providing local jobs. We operate without a middle man which means that each dollar spent goes directly to Windflower Farm and the people they employ.  Joining the West Harlem CSA helps keep New York farming viable!

04. the environment

Windflower Farm grows their produce naturally, without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. This helps to protect the local water supply and preserve the soil for generations.


“And you, the folks who eat our food, make a commitment to us and the ecological practices we use by purchasing a share in our harvest.”

ted blomgren  |  farmer


The Farm

Our farmer, Ted, believes that the principles of sustainable agriculture apply to every kind of farming, from the growing of the fresh vegetables and fruits that make their way to your dinner plates, to the production of the fresh-cut flowers that adorn your tables. As organic growers, they use no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers of any kind. To enrich their soils, they use cover crops, crop rotations, and compost. They are committed to careful land stewardship, ecological pest management, and a healthy environment for everyone. In this way, they hope to leave their farm in good condition for future generations.

As farmers, The Windflower Community makes a commitment to you to be good stewards of the land they grow your food on and to grow a wide variety of high-quality vegetables in suitable quantities for you and the people with whom you share your table.



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